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Ice skating in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with some Olympic flair

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Ice skating in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with some Olympic flair
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Anyone who goes ice skating in Garmisch-Partenkirchen will also be delving into the fascinating world of the five coloured rings in the Garmisch Olympia Stadium.

In 1934, it took just 106 days for the Olympia Stadium to be built in time for the Olympic Games. The arena did not have a roof back then and was used for ice hockey and figure skating. 

Still to this day, the stadium represents the largest hall in the Garmisch Ice-Sport Centre. Two further halls have been added over the years, including one for curling and an unroofed outdoor area where you can also find an ice surface for ice stock sport.

Go ice skating in Garmisch from July

Hall I is open for ten months of the year from July to April and hall II is open almost as long. This allows guests to cool down and enjoy some crisp air during their summer holidays. The curling season is shorter and stretches from October to February. Ice stock sport has its hot phase from the middle of December to the middle of February. 

Those wishing to use the rink for public skating can do so at a cost of €5 for adults and €2.50 for children. For additional and current details and information on booking plans, please visit the home page of the municipal and local utilities of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

SC Riessersee: Quick trip to watch some ice hockey

The Olympia ice stadium has been an all-seater arena since 1994 offering seating to almost 7,000 spectators. SC Riessersee, the ice hockey club from the foot of the Zugspitze, is the main attraction here. They currently play in DEL 2, the second tier of ice hockey in Germany. It is well worth catching a glimpse of this traditional club, which was founded in 1920 and has not only claimed ten German championships between 1927 and 1981, but has also produced many international players along the way.

It is fitting to mention the Riessersee at this juncture because people can also go ice skating on this lake during winter if it is frozen and open. The same applies to the Eibsee. There, during the coldest time of the year, you can enjoy ice skating in its most natural form while breathing in cool, crisp air. 

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the ice in Garmisch-Partenkirchen - maybe you want to skate around the rink during public hours, cheer on SC Riessersee in their latest match or maybe you’d like to try your hand at some ice stock sport. 

More information on the Garmisch Olympia Stadium (Wikipedia)

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