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Your departure – key points

We would like to ask our guests to pay attention to some key points when leaving one of our apartments.


When leaving your holiday home, please consider: 

After you, new guests will arrive wanting to fully experience the most beautiful time of the year in this apartment. We would therefore like to ask you to leave the apartment in the same condition you found it.



This includes leaving the holiday home in a clean-swept condition. For easy general cleaning, you can use the vacuum cleaner in the apartment. In this way, the apartment is spic and span again, free of dirt and dust, in just a few minutes.


In case of damage or repair 

If during your stay something gets damaged or needs to be repaired, please inform us – ideally during your stay, so that we can have the damage repaired and you can enjoy a flawless holiday home. In any case, please notify us of the damage before you depart.



Please remember that the next guests would also like to use clean dishes when they arrive. Therefore, please wash and put away all dishes. You can leave the dishes from your last breakfast in the dishwasher while it is still running (you don't have to wait until the dishes are clean before you depart).


Garbage and waste glass 

Please collect and dispose of waste separately. Waste glass belongs in the glass container.


Refrigerator and food 

Unopened food may be left in the refrigerator. Please remove and dispose of all other food, especially opened and perishable foodstuffs.



Please remember to use baking paper, which you can find in every holiday home. Please clean the oven before departure if dirty.



Unfortunately, we cannot always be present to take over the holiday home when you depart. Therefore, our housekeeping team checks the apartment for possible damages after your stay. If damages are found or the house is dirty, we reserve the right to deduct costs from your deposit.


Any questions? 

Should you have questions regarding your departure or cleaning of the apartment, please contact our team at any time.