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General contractual terms

General contractual terms

§ 1
The Mahr GmbH is the agency that supplies the rental service. The property is let on behalf of a third party and for account of a third party. The landlord is the respective owner of the apartment. The rental contract is entered directly with the owner.
§ 2
The holiday home, apartment, or house is rented by the day or by the week, whereby the house regulations of every individual holiday home are part of the contract. The house regulations are included in the information folder which you will receive upon arrival, or which the Mahr GmbH can provide for you to view.
§ 3
The rental properties are equipped with beds for 2-6 people. Use of the property is only permitted for the number of people agreed on in the contract. The rental properties come with kitchen facilities including dishes, complete bathroom fittings with toilet and shower (possibly bathtub), and the inventory (see equipment).
§ 4
The handover of keys and the briefing will be carried out by a representative of the agent at the office located at Amselstr. 11, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen or at the rental property by arrangement. On the day of arrival, an agent representative will personally hand over the holiday home up until 5:00 p.m. After this time, the handover of the keys will take place through a key safe. On the day of departure, you are kindly requested to bring all keys and the information map back to our office. If you will leave the apartment before 09:00 a.m. please leave the keys and the map in the post box on the left side of the office building. The property will be inspected by an agent representative after your departure.
§ 5
Bedding and towels (1 small terry towel 50 x 100 cm as well as 1 large bath towel 70 x 140 cm) are included per person in the price of the apartment. Furthermore, per stay, every apartment contains 1 bath mat per bathroom as well as 2 dish towels. A children’s travel cot and high chair, as well as additional towels, can be provided on request for an extra charge. This requires a registration or statement from the tenant, at the latest one week before arrival.
§ 6
It is not permitted to pitch tents or park a caravan on the property or in the garden. Cars should be parked in the designated areas. If the parking space (e.g. duplex parking) cannot be used due to the type of car or the vehicle’s height, this will not lead to a reimbursement or reduction of the price.
§ 7
Pets may only be brought with prior approval, as this is only possible in certain rental properties. Depending on the rental property, a daily rate of €8.00 to €10.00 will be charged.
§ 8
The agency is responsible for the final cleaning of the rental property. The cleaning fee is included in the rental price. This cleaning fee does not include the costs for removing coarse dirt beyond the normal measure. For example: unwashed dishes, cleaning the oven, the stove, and similar objects. During the stay, tenants are obligated to keep the holiday house or holiday apartment clean themselves. The final cleaning is exclusively carried out by our staff. Work such as washing dishes, stripping the beds, folding blankets, emptying waste baskets, and placing garbage bags into the designated containers must be carried out by the tenant. Unsorted waste will result in an additional charge of at least €26.00. Furthermore, any objects that were damaged or lost during the stay must be replaced. The tenant is responsible for maintaining the rental property and everything that belongs to the rental property. The tenant is obligated to immediately report all defects and damages that occur during the stay. It is the tenant’s responsibility to provide proof that he is not liable for damages to the rental property or loss of the rental property’s equipment.
§ 9
In addition to the rental price set out overleaf, the following will be charged: visitor’s tax in accordance with the municipal statutes. This must be paid separately and will be shown individually on the invoice.
§ 10
Before departure (at the latest 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure), the state of the rental property will be examined in the presence of the tenant and the agency representative. The handover report requires a legally binding signature from both parties and represents the state of the property for both parties.
§ 11
If the tenant cannot personally receive the rental property at the arranged time, he will inform the landlord of this in writing (email / fax / post). The agent will endeavor to find another tenant. Costs arising through the search shall be borne by the original tenant. The tenant must pay a cancellation fee of €105.00, even if a replacement tenant is found. If a new tenant cannot be found, the renter owes the agent

20% of the invoice amount when cancelling up to 60 days prior to the stay
50% of the invoice amount when cancelling up to 45 days prior to the stay
75% of the invoice amount when cancelling up to 25 days prior to the stay
90% of the invoice amount when cancelling 24 days or later prior to the stay

In the case of only a partial service, the tenant owes the agent the difference to the full rental price. However, the tenant is free to provide evidence that the agent has suffered no damage or that the damage is substantially lower. Existing, hidden defects of the rental object or to its equipment do not give the tenant the right to refuse or reduce the price, unless the defect was known to the landlord. The offset of claims from the rental relationship is only possible with undisputed or legally binding claims.

§ 12
Changes to the rental contract are only effective if agreed on in writing by both parties. Verbal agreements are not valid.
§ 13
Should individual parts of the contractual conditions become invalid, this does not lead to the replacement of the remaining contractual conditions with new provisions that come closest to the economic purpose of the invalid provision.
§ 14
If fulfilment of the rental contract is considerably complicated, endangered, or impaired directly and specifically through the loss of the property or as a result of force majeure (natural disasters, war, civil unrest), we can withdraw from the contract. If the key is lost, the tenant is obligated to pay the agent the amount required for its replacement.

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